Friday, July 11, 2008

Vomit, Gore, Integrity, and a piece of XXX

Friends I have quite the treat for your viewing and reading pleasure. This month I focused on a genre known as Vomit Gore. You might be asking yourself "What the fuck is vomit gore?" Well I went straight to the source and that's the person that has created a style of film that will not only scare the piss out of you, it will cause all of your senses to react in the most violent of ways. Lucifer Valentine is the creator of the films "Slaughtered Vomit Dolls" and "ReGOREgitated Sacrifice" and the sole creator of Vomit Gore. I will be reviewing both of these films and along with that I have a very exclusive interview with Mr. Valentine. Now if that's not enough to tickle your insides I also have a showing of my newest piece for Black Ink Horror XXX which I am sure will even cause Mr. Valentine to smile and if that's not enough I am even bringing not one, not two, not even three, but four Integrity Albums in their entirety for download (courtesy of Dwid Hellion from Integrity). So sit back relax and certainly don't eat anything big before reading on.

So I started my day early with a viewing of what I've been told is the most artistic vomitous creation that has ever been displayed for viewing pleasure. This particular film is titled "Slaughtered Vomit Dolls" and it's the first creation of what is to be a three part series from it's creator Lucifer Valentine. Lucifer starts the movie big with a blender effect of images and what seems to be a tale of a young girl turned stripper/prostitute. The movie begins with a film of a young girl performing a singing routine and right their is pretty much where the cuteness ends. Throughout the rest of the film we realize that we are viewing some of the most haunting and disturbing sequences of torture and domination. Your literally viewing the torment that the lead character played by Ameara LaVey is going through. She is referred in the film as Blisters and Angela Aberdeen and besides viewing scenes of her stripping, sleeping, and vomiting you also witness the what seems to be a never ending eye gouge section and even a more interesting scene of vomiting into whats left of a sawed off skull. Now beyond all the shocking visual disturbances lies a masterpiece of artwork that most may not even get to finish. So I suggest that if you have the strongest of stomachs then go ahead an attempt to view this film because once you think it's complete you fail to realize that another film is right around the corner. The 2nd edition of the Vomit Gore trilogy is "ReGOREgitated Sacrifice" and if you thought Lucifer couldn't strike again well your dead wrong. This film is Guided by Identical Twin Demon Spirits The Black Angels of Hell, we see the Diabolical Depiction of the Alternate-Parallel Dimension of the Simultaneous Suicide Deaths of Kurt Cobain and bulimic porn star Angela Aberdeen; as seen through the mental activity of Angela’s journey toward Brain Death as a result of her self-inflicted Death By Drowning. I think the visual effects were stepped up even another notch with this soon to be classic. An immediate intro featuring a sawing apart of the twins as they walk toward you attached at the skull. Your left viewing their wide open skulls bubbling with gory delight. If that not enough you'll really enjoy the scene with Hank Skinny as he eats the intestines and spews them back up on a still very alive victim. Surrealistic and almost hallucinogenic are the terms that come to mind after viewing this film. It's almost a dream and the blender effect of filters and haunting music really adds to the experience. If your over 18 I suggest you go and download the entire film also since Slaughtered Vomit Dolls is pretty much impossible to find I have been granted permission from Mr. Valentine to link you folks to a Torrent which allows you to download the entire SVD movie but please take note that the film will soon be re released under a new distributor which will allow you folks to own your own copy but for now this link will serve as your only access After your done viewing it I suggest you give Mr. Valentine a donation for all his hard work. He certainly deserves it and to conclude my review I have asked a few questions which he was very excited to answer.

Now Mr. Valetine how long have you been film making and why have you choose film as your outlook for expression?

I started filming my little sister Cinderella when I was a kid, like nine or ten years old. I had to take care of my little sister as my parents were always away and Cinderella was nearly blind and needed constant supervision; and I was making prolonged portraits of her, chronicling her life and development as a person as she was very attached to me ( we had a incest relationship so my sister was actually my girlfriend) and quite obsessed with performing for me on camera and telling me all kinds of bizarre stories and singing weird songs that she’d make up she went along and she’d fall down all the time or bang into walls. Now my sister is gone because she took her own life a year and a half ago; and the way I always have made movies is exactly the way I did as a kid; just watch and ask meaningful questions of whoever I am shooting and let the subject show me their terrifying beauty.

Your films have received a lot of attention and a lot of that is negative throughout a lot of the forums. How does that affect you and your process?

I don’t experience negativity at all. Someone else’s false notions about the existence of anger and hateful thoughts belongs solely to that mistaken person and has nothing to do with my life and certainly nothing to do with my experience of film making. Since I began releasing my films, I have met thousands of wonderful interesting people that have shown me kindness and respect and that’s been my experience so far.

You have some really talented actors that work with you. I assume most of them are friends. How do they react to some of the scenes you have created and particularly the massive amounts of vomiting?

Yeah I only work with trusted friends or friends of friends. Everyone I work with in a movie knows what I am about as an artist and a person and knows that we are going to get crazy and push ourselves as far as we can go and even further than we can imagine and it’s a trip and since everyone knows that ahead of time and agrees to it everything on set while filming goes smoothly!! As for the vomiting, well nearly everyone I work with has specifically asked me to put them in my movie because they LOVE vomiting, so its never a problem !

I particularly enjoy Slaughtered Vomit Dolls and I think alot of that has to do with Ms. LaVey's performance on the screen. She really takes her character to another level which brings a dark realism to the film. Where on earth did you find such a talented actress?

Well Ameara LaVey was my girlfriend when we shot SLAUGHTERED VOMIT DOLLS (svd), she is a hardcore porn actress and stripper and we met at a few parties because we had common friends. Ameara and I kept on running into each other at parties and, believe it or not, she kept asking ME out on a date, so the fourth time she asked I took her out and we became instantly connected and formed an unbreakable bond where she was my submissive and I dominated her and she fully trusted me with her life and would do anything I told her to do. A time came when Ameara was homeless and needed a place to stay so I said she could stay with me but I’d film her at any time, 24/7, doing anything totally at my discretion; naturally she agreed so that’s how I began shooting SLAUGHTERED VOMIT DOLLS !!

You clearly have a system to how each of your films seems to operate. Chaotic imagery and multiple lapses of time all intertwined to create a story of a whole perspective. I think my description barely scratches the surface so if you would please elaborate on this?

I am showing the mental activity of Angela Aberdeen as she is dying from her tortured, hellish, brutal tragic life. Angela’s thoughts and emotions are fragmented shards and the “debris” of her shattered mind are disintegrating from her consciousness of “this world”, meaning, earth 1994 (that’s the year in which we see the beginning of Angela’s Death). Angela’s horrific manifested mental and spiritual energy literally has a life of its own and that energy can form its own perceivable specters; apparitions that represent Angela in various traumatic forms; initially I called these apparitions SLAUGHTERED VOMIT DOLLS, apparent ”victims” of various forms of torture, mutilation, dismemberment decapitation etc., these are the manifested visual symbolic personifications of Angela’s terrible abusive traumatic experiences of her short and hellish life.

With the extreme nature of these films are you having a hard time getting your films distributed and viewed by those who really want to experience it and if so what are you doing to combat that?

My movies are distributed by Xploited Cinema and they are an awesome company !! I get emails from people all over the world everyday so I assume lots of people are seeing my movies !Also, I allowed my second movie, ReGOREgitated Sacrifice to be downloaded from the website, so I think that really helped to get the word out there !

You clearly mention an involvement with Satan and I believe I've read in other interviews that you were raised by Satanists. Would you care to explain your background a little?

My parents are Satanists and raised me with that as our family religion. Now that I am all grown up I don’t follow any religion, ironically, the entire point of being Satanic is to be your own Kingdom, that you are to learn and evolve and make yourself strong, and to bow down to NO ONE EVER, so we use the word Satan to represent that ideology, we don’t worship Satan as an externalized fictional character as is commonly believed, Satan means YOURSELF, you have an allegiance and loyalty to the perpetual creation of your own personal idea of greatness and your beast-like self, meaning, the kinds of things that make you an Apex Predator in nature. I have my own ideas about my personal spirituality, however I do refer to myself as a Satanist because that was how I was raised and its an homage to my childhood to say that.On my myspace I states what I believe Satan is:To me Satan means whatever people can't fathom or understand; the Unknown, whatever breaks the commonplace and predictable mental patterns of conventional thought and experience; Satan represents the opposite of people's fears, weakness, and crushing self-doubt about their world and the entire Universe.

Well Mr. Valentine I want to thank you again for taking the time to answer my questions and also allowing the download of your films. I wish you the best of luck in the future and may the third film bring you much deserved success..

So the big reason why I got into Mr. Valentines work is due to Tim Manning's addition to Black Ink Horror. He is publishing a very special addition of Black Ink Horror known as XXX. This very special and limited edition will include the most extreme of stories and FULL COLOR illustrations from Black Ink's best illustrators. I was lucky enough to be assigned a truly chilling story from Mark Leslie Lefervre titled "Switch". The gory details described from Mark called for so inspiration from the industries finest gore artists and that of course led me to Lucifer Valentine. So I hope you guys enjoy this edition of Black Ink as much as I do and I will keep you all posted on release dates.

Last but certainly not least is the music section of this months blog and I've included links to downloads of four full length Integrity albums. If you haven't heard of Cleveland's finest then your surely missing out. Dwid Hellion has been claimed to be the pioneer of Metal Core not to mention his is also one of the Hardcore Music Industries best illustrators and film makers. I highly suggest you folks google and learn what there is to learn about the Holy Terror artist.