Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Insano Death Chair

Welcome friends and fellow visitors to my newest page of dementia, obscene rantings, useless jargon, and mindless bullshit. This here is my first official blog and I want to take the time to explain to you vistors exactly what you might read within these lines. Hopefully you have stumbled upon these pages through some sort of art link so that you may know that art is my true passion. I intend to display some of my newest projects exclusively on this page and before it is viewed anywhere else on the web. I also intend to have regular interviews and features of other fellow artists. Lastly I also intend to dedicate a section to music and books that I may be interested in at the moment in time. So for my first blog I want to show everyone my newest design that I've created for the death rap artist "Insano". You may view his page at this following address. I've been creating illustrations for the rapper for a few months now and intend to build a series of illustrations that not only delight but cause terror and shivers that make you really feel atmosphere and the emotions of the images. I'm a true believer that gore doesn't absolutely need to be involved to create true terror. Granted it helps in some cases and in others too much can really take away from the image at hand. I like to create a careful balance to the imagery and keep it as real and technical as possible while still making sure the image is still in a raw illustrated form. I find that nowadays too much work is left to the computer and we often use this tool as a crutch. Granted I sure do use the computer for post production, but I can truley say that I always start with a pencil and fresh piece of paper. I can also say that true illustrators are becoming few and far between mostly due to digital production. This trend has dominated the past decade yet I now see the demand for us traditional artists within the past couple years increase and I truely hope that this trend continues.........

"Embrace The Horror" is the latest Cd I've been listening to from the Netherlands Metalcore band "Incarnate". I must say that I am a huge fan of the H8000 sound thats over in europe and by no surprise this cd fits right in. Huge thrash riffs with vocals that remind me of early Death Metal artists or Even Euro Grind Core. The recording is nothing but superb. The band pulls influence from bands like Integrity, All Out War and Earth Crisis and I must say those are some mighty fine choices of inspiration. So if your into some really good metal do yourself a favor and visit there site, listen to their songs, add them as a friend, and go buy a fucking CD.